Friday, July 12, 2024

Authors Hilary Weisman Graham and Kristen-Paige Madonia pose in a cardboard cutout of the old VW bus from Weisman’s road trip book — which kids at the authors’ road trip dual reading Monday can do as well.

Readers of young adult fiction gets a double-feature 7 p.m. Monday at the Harvard Coop as two authors arrive in a unique, end-of-summer road trip.

The books are “Reunited” by Hilary Weisman Graham, in which three ex-best friends take a 2,000-mile road trip to see the band they once loved perform a one-time-only reunion show; and  “Fingerprints of You” by Kristen-Paige Madonia, in which a pregnant high school senior takes a Greyhound bus to San Francisco to find her biological father and figure out what family means to her.

Right — two books about road trips.

The two are very different in style and tone, but are new (the two are part of “The Apocalypsies,” a group of  YA authors debuting in this Mayan-predicted end-of-times year, when we’re supposed to “read like there’s no tomorrow”) and published by Simon & Schuster. The overlap sparked an idea: Team up and hit the road with a modest tour of their own.

“Kristen-Paige and I saw an opportunity to use the plot of our books as a way for us to go out into the world and connect with readers,” said Weisman, a Boston University grad whose films have premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts. (She now lives in rural New Hampshire.)

“And, of course, we both love road trips,” she said.

These days, of course, there’s more than ever to being an author. While once the process might end with simply writing a book, in addition to the road trip (and traditional blurbs, with Madonia even scoring one from YA legend Judy Blume), the authors employ such multimedia techniques as a website Q&A and “writing of” video, free song downloads from the real-life band Level3, which the trio of girls in “Reunited” take off to see and — in something of a natural extension for filmmaker and screenwriter Weisman — a trailer for her book:

The tour also brings a cardboard replica of the front of the old VW bus used in “Reunited,” which kids attending readings get to pose in.

Madonia and Weisman are to appear 7 p.m. Monday at the Harvard Coop, 1400 Massachusetts Ave./18 Palmer St., Harvard Square.