Wednesday, April 17, 2024

I urge all Cambridge residents in Precincts 11-1 and 11-3 in North Cambridge to vote for Dave Rogers for state representative. Although I did not know Dave until he entered this race, I have come to know him as a hard-working, dedicated and sensible person who will represent Cambridge well on Beacon Hill.

Roughly a decade ago, during political redistricting, Cambridge was chopped into various districts, leaving only one state representative that is 100 percent in Cambridge (the seat sought by Marjorie Decker, whom I also support). Precincts 11-1 and 11-3 are two Cambridge neighborhoods that now make up only a small portion of the legislative district dominated by Belmont and Arlington. In this election, North Cambridge has a chance to regain this seat for a Cambridge resident. Why is this important? Because with only two precincts in this district, electing Dave Rogers, who lives in Cambridge, will ensure that this small portion of our city won’t be forgotten.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not just because Dave lives in Cambridge that I support him. As a member of the Cambridge School Committee, I am particularly excited about Dave’s support of public schools and his desire to increase Chapter 70 funding for public education. His commitment to early childhood education and programs such as Head Start are also important and will help shape the conversation at the State House. His strong commitment to alternative energy sources, job training and regional transportation are also exciting

Nov. 6 is going to be a significant day that shapes our nation, our state and our city. I hope Cambridge turns out to the polls in droves and supports the Democratic ticket that includes Dave Rogers, and that we send a progressive, Cambridge resident back to the 24th Middlesex District.


Marc McGovern, Cambridge School Committee