Monday, June 24, 2024


From the Janneke House campaign, June 25: Janneke House is pleased to announce her candidacy for Cambridge City Council.

House is the daughter of a police officer and a school teacher and said: “My parents taught me about the importance of public service and working for the common good.”

“I grew up in a middle-class family that struggled at times. I know from personal experience how important it is to get a good education, have a roof over your head and secure a job that pays a living wage. I will make sure that the city of Cambridge does everything it can to ensure the best possible opportunities for every citizen.”

House graduated from the University of Utah with a masters degrees in urban planning and worked for Mayor Rocky Anderson in Salt Lake City on economic development and small-business planning. She was the first executive director of Cambridge’s Local First and is director of member and community relations for the Kendall Square Association.

House is a proud Democrat who believes in the Democratic foundation of social justice, including living wages to support families, housing availability for all levels of life’s progress and a voice for everyone in their government.

She serves on the board of Emerge Massachusetts, an organization that trains and recruits women to run for office, and she is an active member of the Ward 8 Committee and the Cambridge Democratic City Committee.

“In my political and professional life, I support pragmatic solutions, consensus building and good civil discourse. I recognize the strengths that make Cambridge attractive to employers, students, residents and workers from all over the world.

“With a new city manager, a retiring councilwoman and the continuing evolution of our neighborhoods, this election is the voters’ opportunity to elect new and collaborative voices on the council.

“I want to put my experience in local government, business, economic development, urban planning and community building to work as a full-time city councillor for the residents of Cambridge.”

The Janneke House for City Council kickoff will be held July 14 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Tasty Burger in Harvard Square. Everyone is welcome.