Tuesday, April 23, 2024


From the Luis Vasquez campaign, Aug. 6: City Council candidate Luis Vasquez stopped by Cambridge Community Television on Monday night to speak about his campaign for the upcoming municipal election. “How Soon is Now?” host Alan Verley conducted the interview. “When I met you last week at the Haddis Girma Foundation Field Day, I was immediately excited about your candidacy,” Verley said. “As a young person myself, I appreciate that you’re willing to step up and do this.”

Vasquez noted that, win or lose on the ballot, the experience of running will make the campaign victorious:

I’m not running to make a statement. I’m running with a message. That’s to engage all registered voters to vote locally as well, especially our young people. I’m a candidate that a young person can connect with and relate to on a personal level. I’m excited for what my candidacy represents, because it will inspire other young people to continue what I’ve started and to not be afraid of being heard. That’s a win.

Verley asked Vasquez for his take on homelessness in Central Square. “We can’t mask the issue by upscaling Central Square,”  Vasquez said. “I’m all for revitalizing the square, as long as we don’t take away from the culture and the integrity of it. By adding more expensive establishments we are shooing homelessness away. Let’s do more to help them up to their feet and to give them proper job training and other opportunities to grow.”

One live caller requested that should Vasquez get elected to the council in November he should appear on the show once a month to keep the community updated on his work. Vasquez agreed and shook on it with the host.

Verley concluded the interview by asking Vasquez if he has heard from current councillors. “Not very many,” Vasquez said. “I’m surprised by it. When a young person from the community is running, they should be proud and supportive of it. I was that youth that they worked hard for. They do great work for our city, they’re very busy people.”

“In a perfect world, the City Council would reflect the characteristics and the diversity of the community that we live in,” he said.

The show is broadcast Mondays at 8 p.m. on CCTV’s Channel 9.