Saturday, May 25, 2024

Starting in mid-September, Cambridge drinking water will be supplemented with Massachusetts Water Resources Authority water, city officials said Tuesday. The reason: the Cambridge Water Department coordinating and supporting two authority-related projects:

  • An MWRA pipe line upgrade in Waltham. For information on this project, click here.
  • Sewer separation in Cambridge on Huron Avenue. For information on this project, click here.

This water supply configuration will continue for about four months, through January. As the work schedule becomes more definitive, city officials say, they will better define the specific timeline for water supply changes.

An MWRA water main break in May 2010 meant dozens of communities in Greater Boston had to boil water for day – but not Cambridge, which gets its water supply from the department-owned Fresh Pond Reservoir.

Still, there should be “no water quality or quantity issues during this period, since the water qualities are similar and we have very successfully used the MWRA water supply in the past,” said Ini Tomeu, the city’s public information officer, in a press release.

For updates, check the Water Department website, follow on Twitter or call Edward Dowling at (617) 349-4780 with specific questions or concerns.