Friday, July 12, 2024

041013fi-McGovernMarc McGovern will be a valuable addition to the City Council. As a parent of young children and as a human services professional, he understands what it takes to give every child a promising start. He knows that developing brains need both stimulating experiences and protection from acute or ongoing stress, and that children’s early relationships build the foundations for later learning as well as for physical and emotional health. He knows how hard Cambridge’s early education and care providers work to meet each child’s and family’s needs, and how hard it is for many Cambridge parents to find affordable care for their children.

As Cambridge citizens who have dedicated our professional lives to early education and care, we are excited about Marc’s council candidacy. We know that he will be a strong, knowledgeable and effective champion for our city’s children, as well as for their families and teachers. He has already proven his dedication and leadership during his tenure on the School Committee.

In 2010, Marc convened a Blue Ribbon Committee on Early Education Care with city councillor Marjorie Decker. They asked parents, providers, and outside experts to imagine a city that prioritized the early years and to identify the most urgent priorities for Cambridge. They not only listened to our answers – they facilitated productive partnerships and creative solutions.

As a social worker, Marc knows how to bring people together for meaningful and focused conversation that leads to tangible results. His ability to work with people on all sides of an issue will be an asset on the council.

For all who value high-quality, early childhood education and care and who want to see Cambridge become a beacon in this area for all families, Marc has earned your vote.

We thank Marc McGovern for his vision, attentive concern and ongoing leadership. We enthusiastically endorse his candidacy.

Betty Bardige, early childhood author and consultant
Lynne Hall, Cambridge Public Schools early childhood connections project leader (retired)
Diane Levin, professor of early childhood education, Wheelock College
Nancy Carlsson-Paige, professor emerita, Lesley University
Kathy Roberts, co-founder/teacher/director of the (former) Dandelion School