Friday, April 12, 2024

Democrat Katherine Clark took the most votes in a Tuesday Democratic primary.

Democrat Katherine Clark and Republican Frank Addivinola will face each other in the special election for Ed Markey’s old seat in the 5th Congressional District, according to Associated Press data. That vote is set for Dec. 10.

At 9:33 p.m., with 83 percent of precincts reporting, the news agency reported Clark had won Tuesday’s seven-person Democratic primary with 16,876 district votes, or 30 percent of the total 56,254 ballots cast and counted so far.

Addivinola had already been named the districtwide Republican primary winner with 4,081 votes, or 48 percent of the total. Of his two challengers, Mike Stopa edged out Tom Tierney with 2,241 votes to Tierney’s 2,201.

Democratic Middlesex Sheriff Peter Koutoujian was the runner-up to Clark, with 22 percent of the vote and 12,474 ballots, followed by Carl Sciortino, the Medford state representative for the 34th Middlesex District, who had 15 percent of the vote and 8,694 ballots cast in his favor.

Frank John Addivinola Jr.

Frank John Addivinola Jr. won the Republican primary.

The remaining candidates, in descending order: State Sen. Karen Spilka, who represents the 2nd Middlesex & Norfolk District; state Sen. Will Brownsberger, who represents the 2nd Suffolk & Middlesex District; Stoneham businessman Paul John Maisano; and Arlington Town Meeting member Martin Long.

In Cambridge, where all votes were counted by 9:30 p.m., there were 5,347 Democratic votes and  143 Republican votes.

The Democratic winner in Cambridge was Clark with 2,349 votes (44 percent), followed by Sciortino with 1,497 votes (28 percent) and Brownsberger with 788 votes (15 percent). The remaining candidates were Koutoujian with 369 votes (7 percent), Spilka with 291 votes (5 percent), Maisano with 30 votes (1 percent) and Long with 23 votes (zero percent).

The Republican winner in Cambridge was Addivinola with 71 votes, for an even 50 percent of the vote. Stopa got 39 votes (27 percent) and Tierney got 33 votes (23 percent.)