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Born in Cambridge, Luis Vasquez graduated from Cambridge Rindge & Latin School in 2006 and planned to further his education and pursue athletic opportunities – but became a father at 19. While married and raising two boys, he has continued his education at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and worked in the nonprofit realm, including charitable work with the Red Sox.

He also blogs for the Cambridge Chronicle.

At 25, Luis Vasquez is the youngest council candidate on the ballot, and if elected will become the youngest to have ever been elected to the council.

Compiled from the candidate’s words in publicly available sources


Our take Vasquez


Vasquez’s top three priorities:

From the Cambridge Residents Alliance


Affordable living. This issue is very important to me. Many of my friends and family have been forced to move out of Cambridge as a result of the outrageous prices for rental units and homes. Cambridge should be a city where everyone has an equal opportunity to rent or own a home that is affordable.


Nonprofit sustainability. Our nonprofit organizations across the city help to enrich the lives of others. It should not be the norm for these organizations to fend for themselves until one of them needs our help to stay afloat.


Cambridge Public Schools alumni support. Our teachers do a wonderful job of educating and empowering our youth to be launched into success after high school.


Vasquez on the issues

From Cambridge Community Television

Finding a new city manager:

Spending on school construction: