Tuesday, May 28, 2024




Oh my gosh. It’s a double rainbow. I cannot believe it. It’s a freakin’ double rainbow. Oh my gosh. Never – oh my gosh. Look at that. All the way – oh my heck. It’s a double rainbow. Hey, cow, look at that! It’s a double rainbow. Oh my gosh. It’s a double – hey, cow, where you going? It’s a double rainbow! Look, it goes all the way! Oh, gosh, I can’t believe it. It’s a double rainbow. I’ve never seen one of these in my life. It’s a double rainbow. I cannot believe a double rainbow. I’ve been waiting so long to see – all those colors! A double rainbow with all those colors. Holy cow. (No offense.) Holy cow, a double rainbow. 

The world may have gotten a little more blasé about double rainbows since Jan. 8, 2010, when Yosemite Mountain visitor Paul Vasquez uploaded a video to YouTube (as Hungrybear9562) in which he gave that monologue as a follow-up gift to the world.

But reader Dan was in the baseball field at Harvard stadium in Allston on Friday when the local double rainbow appeared, and he sent along these images, albeit with no goshes, hecks or cows.