Saturday, May 18, 2024



With Monday’s T-shirt and shorts weather, there’s a pretty good chance some Sunday soon will be sunny and over 60 degrees – and that’s the signal for a free party for everyone in the city.

Organizers are calling it Wow, standing for “We Overcame Winter.”

But that’s pretty much the only detail that’s known at this point, said Karin Freed, a teacher at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School and Lesley University and alum of Harvard Graduate School of Education who’s working with the Cambridge Arts Council on the event.

The city has to wait any further information, with Freed calling it a “spontaneous event” at a place and date to be announced by the Arts Council “just days before the actual celebration.”

“We’re waiting for the perfect day,” she said, referring to that Sunday over 60 degrees.

The event is free and open to everyone. “Bring friends, bring family, bring something exciting – anything from a frisbee to a musical instrument will do. Expect live entertainment and fun for all ages,” Freed said.

There’s a Twitter account to follow and a Facebook community page dedicated to the event.