Saturday, May 18, 2024
Taushawn Tinsley


From the Marc McGovern campaign, June 3: The Committee to Elect Marc McGovern is proud to announce the hiring of Taushawn Tinsley as campaign manager for McGovern’s reelection campaign to City Council.

Tinsley is a recent graduate of Merrimack College with a degree in political science. Tinsley grew up in Boston, where he has a long history of volunteering in schools and for various political campaigns. He has worked for such progressive leaders as Boston city councilor Charles Yancy and state Rep. Gloria L. Fox. Tinsley was active in turning out the vote in neighborhoods of color for state Sen. Elizabeth Warren and supporting the AFL-CIO.

“I’m very excited to be on board with councillor McGovern’s reelection campaign. His commitment to working families, affordable housing and progressive education drew me across the river. I am humbled by the challenge and this will be a great opportunity to work with someone who shares my progressive values,” Tinsley said.

“Taushawn is great. He has tremendous energy, a lot of experience and really wants to make a difference in the world. I’m thrilled to have him on board,” McGovern said.

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