Sunday, May 19, 2024

From Marc McGovern, vice mayor of Cambridge, Nov. 14, 2016: This presidential election went beyond policy differences and into dark corners of racism, sexism and homophobia. It reflected certainly not the America that I love nor the values with which I was raised. Like many, I had different feelings as the results came in. Numbness. Disbelief. Fear. Frustration.

LetterAs I walked out of the Cambridge for Hillary headquarters at 1:30 a.m., I saw a person sleeping in a makeshift shopping cart. Their body was covered in blankets and plastic, and I couldn’t tell if the person was a man or a woman. I couldn’t tell their race or ethnicity. I began to feel other feelings. Resolve. Determination. Commitment. I have privileges that many do not, therefore I have a responsibility to continue to fight for social, racial and economic justice. That homeless person needs me and others to continue to advocate and stand strong against hatred and bigotry.

I’m not moving to Canada. I’m staying right here and fighting for the progressive values that I have always fought for. It will be the responsibility of those of us on a municipal and state level to keep pushing policies and programs that support the most vulnerable in our communities, because we won’t be getting help from Washington. I am up for that challenge, and if I know anything about the city that raised me, Cambridge is up for that challenge as well.

I would like to thank so many who worked out of the Cambridge for Hillary office. People such as cocoordinators Maura Pensak and Mo Barbosa. People such as Mollie Schwartz, Nancy Alach, Peter Chursck, Sharon Britton, Johanna Schulman, Rose Hanig, Maureen Kelledy, Ann Eldridge, Sara Masucci, Pamela Thilo, Elizabeth Baldwin, Margaret Levin, Lyn Huckabee, Hillary Fitzpatrick Peterson, Sam Malin, Carolyn fuller, Bill McAvinney, Barbara Parton, Chris Leekeenan, Deb Fawcett, Beth Barrett, Allan Isbitz, Walter Kasell, Logan Heiman, John Patrick, Su Chiang, Arthur Lue, George Hinds and so many others that made the Cambridge for Hillary office one of the most productive in the country.

Although we came up short, we can’t lose our resolve. We have to stay motivated in our fight for a fair and just country.

In the days following the election we have heard of violence, both physical and verbal, breaking out around the country. We have even had some incidents here in Cambridge, proving that as welcoming a city as we are, we still have a great deal of work to do. Please take care yourself and each other. Please stay involved. Please keep pushing.