Monday, May 20, 2024

The Temple of Groom in Mid-Cambridge has an opening celebration Thursday.

Barber shops had a bit of retro thing going in the “Mad Men” era a few years back, but Julio Guerrero has taken his Temple of Groom to a whole different level – in fact, to a whole different age.

Temple of Groom is a ridiculous name, yet totally deserved, because Guerrero’s 655-square-foot shop in Mid-Cambridge is a gorgeous Victorian oasis, though he very modestly calls it “an adequate space with a concept in its decorations evoking the Victorian romantic era … in keeping with the history that surrounds the city.” Given how completely the space feels out of time, it’s a little disappointing to find a television tucked into a corner near the ceiling. The hidden door – it’s disguised as a bookcase, classically — makes up for it.

Guerrero has been in the city since 2012, much of it working with stylist Troy Antony, he said, though he started cutting hair in his native Dominican Republic “in his grandmother’s house backyard, under a tree with a piece of broken mirror and an old wooden chair.”

When branching out on his own, Guerrero worked with Jimmy Regan at Newton’s Wallpaper West to transform his space at 908 Massachusetts Ave., near the Plough & Stars and People’s Republik bars. An opening celebration will be tonight at 6:30.

Here’s a look at the shop and how it came together: