Sunday, June 23, 2024

Alice Fraser performs at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. (Photo: Isabelle via Flickr)

Australian comedian Alice Fraser had a good summation of President Donald Trump’s rhetorical approach and linguistic skills on Monday’s episode of “The Bugle” podcast hosted by Andy Zaltzman. Too good not to share:

“The people who say they like Trump because he says what he means then spend all of their time explaining what he actually meant by what he said, or explaining that he didn’t mean what he said but that he didn’t say it on purpose. And that what he said he meant wasn’t what he meant to say he meant, because it’s so obvious what he meant that he didn’t need to actually say it.”

Fraser continued: “He speaks in innuendo, conspiracy jargon, half sentences – he uses language like an abstract impressionist to sort of herd people toward meanings that are more emotional states than they are ideas. Everything he says is a Rorschach test, if the ink blots are always in the shape of a penis holding a gun and a massively overdrawn credit card in the name of a shell company.”

Zaltzman called it a good summary of the past four years.