Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Community Dispute Settlement Center of East Cambridge is offering free mediation services to landlords and tenants as part of the state’s Eviction Diversion Initiative. This service is designed to resolve eviction or other housing-related conflicts resulting from Covid-19 economic issues.

Free mediation services are also available for parents who are separating and need to address co-parenting time and other child-related conflicts.

“CDSC offers an affordable option and a good alternative to the adversarial process of court for resolving conflict,” board member president Jack Esher said. “Mediation promotes positive conflict engagement and helps people gain understanding, reaching mutual resolutions.”

The center, based at 60 Gore St., East Cambridge, and now four decades old, provides services for resolving disputes; help for groups holding meetings; conflict coaching; and trainings and workshops for organizations and groups including agencies, professional associations, schools, colleges and youth groups.

Call the center at (617) 876-5376 or visit