Friday, May 24, 2024

Write-in challenger running for City Council for the second time

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Background: Writing, politics | Focuses: Housing, homelessness 


What other ideas besides the Affordable Housing Overlay can be used to create affordable housing, and how can you create more housing while protecting existing tenants?

I stand by the Barry Bluestone approach, in which you engage the academic community – which is in the same search for housing – to team up with the private sector and build the housing we need.

How would you increase the diversity of voices on city projects and as members of Cambridge boards and committees?

By encouraging the electorate of color to engage more than we do. We’ve got to own our future.

Cambridge is about to hire a city manager. Describe your ideal city manager for this time and their qualities?

I’d like to see someone who brings passion and vision and the ability to engage in public-private partnerships. Without that, we’ve got a real issue with moving into modernity. Who knows more about housing than folks in the private sector, for instance? These are the people we need to work with.

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