Wednesday, June 19, 2024

A scene from the North Cambridge Family Opera’s “The Cutlass Crew.” (Photo: David Rabkin)

After three years of Covid-induced postponement, the community institution North Cambridge Family Opera returned to the stage this month with the musical “The Cutlass Crew.” The four final chances to see the show are planned for Saturday and Sunday, with two stagings per day.

“The Cutlass Crew” was created in 2017 by composer Stuart Hancock and librettist Donald Sturrock and based on Lady Mary Killigrew, a historical figure. They imagined her boxed in by the norms of 16th-century England and turning pirate (including an escape from the Tower of London) with a crew of former servants, menacing the high seas in the time of Queen Elizabeth I.

The Cambridge organization said it commissioned three additional scenes from Hancock and Sturrock to “include more fun, more action, more humor and especially more swashbuckling.”

“The story takes liberties with the history, but it’s all for the sake of a good plot line, a poignant moment or two and the more-than-occasional gag,” the organization said in a Monday email. The result is a show “that’s fun for the cast and for everyone in the audience, from adults enjoying the music and inside jokes to kids enjoying the spectacle while rolling around on the gym mats up front by the stage.”

The North Cambridge Family Opera was founded in 1999 and has become an institution. It says it finds space for anyone who auditions, whether as a lead, in a supporting role or as part of the chorus. Casts include people of all ages, and children, parents and grandparents often participate together.

Information about the season’s final performances and the organization’s productions are at