Saturday, July 20, 2024

School Committee incumbent first elected in 2019 running for City Council for the first time

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Background: Social work | Focuses: Affordable housing; universal after-school programs; and mental health services for all


Compiled by Matt Rocha

Wilson works with high school students through the Cambridge Housing Authority’s The Work Force Program, teaching students life and career skills. As a member of Cambridge’s School Committee, she has worked on implementing universal preschool in the city. She is a lifelong Cambridge resident.

Housing: “I want to make sure we have more affordable-housing opportunities, but I also want to think about opportunities for homeownership … A neighborhood is defined by its people, not by its buildings. It is important that Cambridge grows and embraces the change we must have in our community.”

Road infrastructure: “I do believe that bike lanes are really important to our community, and I also believe that communication and process is critically important. I have not signed the bike pledge. I do not intend to sign the bike pledge … I’m also a resident who lives right on Garden Street, who was greatly affected by the challenge of the implementation of bike lanes and not included in the conversation.”

Pet project: Building on her School Committee work, Wilson wants to implement universal afterschool programs for Cambridge students.

Participatory budgeting: 

“As someone who works with young people who are from our most marginalized groups, I would like to see the $1 million be directed to making sure that all students can read and write by the third grade and beyond. There is no reason why our Black and brown scholars and scholars with learning needs, historically, remain at the bottom.”

Favorite place: “My favorite place continues to be Danehy Park!”