Friday, June 21, 2024

Changes to neighborhood conservation districts approved after lengthy conflict and negotiation (corrected)

Proposed labs in East Somerville would be homes as the wishes of neighbors match a market trend

New take on Walden Square affordable addition doesn’t win over all on its way to Planning Board

Innovation space rules at Volpe get a 2023 update meant to keep growing companies from leaving

On a 90-degree day, Somerville city councilors consider a green roof law for certain buildings

Parking lot OK’d by council for $8.3M purchase, affordable housing or DPW uses looking likely

Parking lot now unused by Montessori school could be bought this summer by city for $8.3M

Pot shop Botanica is caught in regulatory maze trying to open doors in Somerville’s Ball Square

Memo by Somerville planners cuts lab use in half, ending building once proposed for Porter Square

Structure with affordable housing could blend more with its neighborhood, developer hears