In return to pattern, gunfire is heard in The Port; investigation locates a shell casing, but no victim

Cambridge, freezing Covid reopening in place, has approval for vaccination sites but no doses

Attend meetings on tree protection laws, keeping remote participation, Ragon relocation and more

Protests against MBTA bus, subway service cuts show some impact as agency promises ‘review’

Some racial disparity in coronavirus vaccination, while case rate remains highest for city Hispanics

Schools figuring out full-time in-person classes for April up to Grade 8 after order they be offered

Public Works projects were hardest hit by Covid; Parking permit deadline is now pushed to May 31 (corrected)

Science ‘not the only factor’ in Covid decisions, city manager says as call for caution is defeated

Less space for cars and more for bicyclists in plan for McGrath, but lanes aren’t separated for safety

Attend meetings on tear gas, Covid reopenings, Harvard Square pot, small-business composting