Nice shot: North Cambridge already has nonmedical nonmarijuana dispensary


The hydroponics and gardening experts at GYOstuff have no idea what you’re talking about and still don’t understand how there could be any misunderstanding about their sign. Put out over the weekend at the 2400 Massachusetts Ave. shop in North Cambridge, “Free pot with qualifying purchase” refers only to a container in which to grow your plants – your legal plants – added to the shopping cart for nothing after a spend of around $50. Which is not to say the shop is shy about the fact its wares can help grow marijuana; just that in this case, the “pot” was meant as a joke, and taken that way. “People have been having a laugh,” a worker said.


One Response to "Nice shot: North Cambridge already has nonmedical nonmarijuana dispensary"

  1. HeatherHoffman   Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 6:51 pm

    When I was in college, I was at Lansing Airport (one waiting room, two doors, Gate 1 and Gate 2) getting ready to fly home. I asked the ticket agent to be careful with my luggage because there was a pot in it, and she looked at me funny because she didn’t hear the article. It all worked out.

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