Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Cambridge likes to flatter itself on its enlightened approach to, well, pretty much everything. There may be one woman in the city, though, whose approach to parenting is less enlightened than inflammatory.

Failblog.org had a link late last month to — if the Craigslist posting is to be believed — a parent willing to trade the H1N1 vaccine intended for six of her seven kids’ for tickets to Bon Jovi pit tickets. The band performs July 24 at Gillette Stadium.

“I need to make sure the oldest — the 11-year-old — gets his, as he will be watching the others when I go to the show,” the Craigslist user writes. “To show I’m reasonable and not a nutcase, I’m flexible about what pit section I get.”

Yes, very reasonable …

But was the advertisement real? Or a prank?