Friday, July 12, 2024

NerdNite spread this month to Duluth, Minn., as well as returning to Cambridge. (Photo: Evey)

NerdNite — a combination of partying and PowerPoint presentations slowly spreading to geek meccas around the world — is holding its latest event Monday at Middlesex Lounge in Lafayette Square.

Along with “nerd-appropriate tunes” by DJ Claude Money, there will be a typically diverse lineup of presentations, organizers say:

“Cross-Cultural Revolution: Contemporary Chinese Music in Exile,” a somewhat dry-sounding talk by Danny Liss, and the (ironically) livelier-sounding “The Neurobiology of Zombies,” by Jeremy Kay, the postdoctoral fellow in neurobiology at Harvard who helps run the local NerdNite.

The event’s Facebook page is two months behind on updates, but does foreshadow the February meetup in its description of what to expect when attending.

What, pray tell, is NerdNite? Well, it’s a monthly event where nerds get together and drink beer and give power point presentations to other nerds on subjects that are ostensibly of great interest to nerds. Like zombies. And worm poop. And dog-face bats.

As we like to say: It’s like the Discovery Channel …with beer.

After being conceived in Boston in 2003, NerdNite has spread to New York; Austin, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Munich; and, this month, to Duluth, Minn.

Middlesex Lounge is at 315 Massachusetts Ave.