Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Dennis Shafer and Diana Norma will appear as part of their art collaborative Friday at Outpost 186 in Cambridge’s Inman Square.

For the Chagall Performance Art Collaborative, “Choose Your Own Adventure” is not a cute, nostalgic but ironic name for a night of music, poetry and dance. The collaborators are serious: They really want people to come and decide the path the artists will follow.

There is a world premiere of the “concept concert” March 26 at Jewett Hall, First Church of Cambridge, Harvard Square, with nearly two dozen visual, performing and musical artists involved. The collaborative’s Web site gives a more complete explanation:

First ever of its kind, this concert lets you choose your own destiny. When you arrive at the concert, choose which door to walk through, and depending on where you sit, you will see and hear the concert differently! Then, after the first piece of the concert, you will decide what to hear next! Be careful which page you turn to, because who knows what awaits you at the end of this unique musical adventure! What is for certain: you will hear World Premieres by Claudio Gabriele, Paul Klein, Etienne Rolin, and a Soundpainting concept-piece by Dennis Shafer (and friends!).

Before that comes a sneak peek debut of the concept, a “choose your own adventure” concert in miniature, at Outpost 186, the city’s most experimental art and music venue. It hosts a third-Friday-of-the-month residency by the collaborative, itself an outgrowth of another collaborative called Sounds in Bloom.  The mini-adventure includes poetry by Diana Norma, a Watertown resident — when she’s not in Paris or Budapest — with a master’s degree from Harvard University; dance by Emily Beattie; and a band with one flutist, Ashley Addington, and four saxophonists: Rebecca Wellons, Jennifer Bill, Rich LaBedz and collaborative co-founder Dennis Shafer.

“It’s a place where we sort of mix some bigger works and experiments and involve the audience in a much more intimate way,” Norma said Thursday of Outpost 186. While Jewett Hall seats 120, the gallery seats — maybe — 30 people. “You get your feet wet. It’s more experimental, less formalized, just because the space doesn’t really allow for an extremely formal level of performance. But you want to create that connection with the audience.”

The Outpost 186 show is at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 or $5. Outpost 186 is at 186½ Hampshire St., Cambridge. For information, call (617) 876-0860 or click here. The March 26 show also begins at 8 p.m., with all tickets costing $10. Jewett Hall and the First Church of Cambridge is at 11 Garden St., Harvard Square, Cambridge. For information, call (785) 979-8675 or click here to e-mail for tickets.