Saturday, June 22, 2024

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathway in the 2009 comedy “Bride Wars,” some of which was filmed at The Dance Complex in Central Square, Cambridge. (Photo: Claire Folger)

Paying $35 to see “Bride Wars” — the 2009 comedy deemed “inconsequential” by The New York Times and “pandering dreck” by The Onion A.V. Club — doesn’t make sense until it’s explained that the money goes to repairing and updating the Julie Ince Thompson Theatre, where The Dance Complex performs in Central Square’s historic Odd Fellows Hall.

That doesn’t make much sense either until it’s explained that a key scene in “Bride Wars” was filmed there in May 2008.

“Even as Boston continues to boast about the many movie scenes staged there, film icon 20th Century Fox chose The Dance Complex as the venue for the best scene in the movie,” said Rozann Kraus, founder of the nonprofit, artist-run dance education and performance center. “Fox Films cordoned off Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square; they were taking up three city blocks with equipment.”

Not that “the best scene in the movie” means much to Kraus, who is generally dismissive of the film. She says in a press release:

Starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, with narration by Candace Bergen, the story is not worth summarizing.  The key issue is that the penultimate scene of this epic movie was shot in the Julie Ince Thompson Theatre … Not exactly an Oscar contender, ‘Bride Wars’ seems most beloved by newly pubescent girls.

Luckily for that demographic, the event is free for those 14 years old or younger who are accompanied by a parent. A $35 donation is suggested for those who are 15 or order.

There’s a $25 fine for leaving before the end of the movie, Kraus said dryly.

The theater was named in honor of Julie Ince, a gifted dancer, choreographer and actor who had her earliest performances in the Odd Fellows theater and served on the Dance Complex board of directors. She died in September 2003.

“Depending on how much we raise, through this event and our May faculty concert, Simply Dance, we will renovate in phases, as we did for our recent work of making our building handicap accessible,” Kraus said Sunday.

Not including the cost of “an unspoken dream” of a new floor, the organization’s fundraising goal is $85,000.

The screening is March 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the Ince theater at The Dance Complex, 536 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, Cambridge. There is ample free parking for cars and bicycles. For information, call (617) 547-9363 or click here. The Dance Complex, founded in 1991, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit staffed mainly by volunteers. It is funded in part by the Cambridge Arts Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Here’s the trailer for “Bride Wars”: