Saturday, April 20, 2024

Business creation surged again in April, topping by four the previous month’s total of 66 — an April total of 70 businesses registering with the city clerk’s office, with 51 new businesses and 19 renewed. The March totals showed 49 new and 17 renewed.

April’s figures also show year-over-year growth starting from 2006, the earliest period for which the clerks have data readily available.

Job creation was at a low of 48 that year, with all but 10 of those being new businesses.

In 2007, the month showed 49 businesses recorded by the clerk, with only four being renewals and the remaining 45 being new.

In 2008, there were 55, including 14 renewals and 41 new businesses.

Last year, the figure jumped to 64, including 21 renewals and 43 new businesses.

Businesses have to be renewed every four years, according to workers in the city clerk’s office, meaning half of the businesses created and registered four years ago were renewed this month.