Friday, July 19, 2024

My name is Jordan and I attend the Morse Elementary School in Cambridge. My class and I are doing a project in Social Studies class called Project Citizen. In this project we take a certain issue and come up with a solution to change it.

We came up with three issues: stealing, recycling and being able to carry our backpacks around. We chose backpacks.

My school is really small and is the only school in Cambridge without lockers, and we can’t even carry our backpacks. We put our backpacks in our homerooms in closets. It kind of makes us seem like little kids.

We are about to go to the ninth-grade campus at the Cambridge Rindge & Latin School and we don’t really have experience carring our backpacks or having lockers. It would make our lives easier if we could carry backpacks. Most days we have to carry our science, math, social studies and Spanish things, and we carry a lot. So this is our project and we are going to try to change it.


Jordan Poindexter