Sunday, April 21, 2024

Flower baskets hang as part of East Cambridge in Bloom, an effort undertaken in late May by the East Cambridge Business Association and Cambridge’s Public Works Department.

Two teams worked May 22 as Cambridge Street Clean-Up Day volunteers.

Some 30 volunteers participated in the cleanup of Cambridge Street sponsored May 22 by the East Cambridge Business Association and East Cambridge Families Group, but the association is boasting even more loudly of another initiative: 24 hanging flower pots installed on 12 light poles along the street.

Working with the Department of Public Works, the association has created “East Cambridge in Bloom,” what it describes as a neighborhood improvement “designed to create a better experience for the many people using Cambridge Street on a daily basis.”

“People are really taking notice,” said Chris Kosinski, owner of the East Side Bar and Grille and vice president of the association. “We have already received a lot of positive feedback and want to expand the area next year. It would be great to change the decorations with the seasons too.”

The Cambridge Street Clean-Up Day volunteers, in “I [heart] East Cambridge” T-shirts, weeded and cleaned litter from trees wells along the street. Now that the baskets are hung, association officials said, the neighborhood can see the results of what it has been trying to achieve.

“It’s nice to see things coming together,” said Patrick Magee, of Atwood’s Tavern, treasurer of the association. “Hopefully these improvements will inspire more businesses to get involved and keep things looking nice for the summer.”

This post was written from a press release.