Sunday, April 21, 2024

This poster — part of the phone number has been blurred in case any readers get funny ideas late at night — went up last month at Elm and Banks streets in Porter Square, on the Somerville line, but the person who put it up was reached only Wednesday. Her story about the results of the poster are at least as interesting as the poster itself: The owners of the cat in question didn’t call, said Karen P., but put up their own sign “saying ‘Why did you single out our cat? We can do what we want.’” That wasn’t the end of it, Karen said. In response to that, someone else put up a sign saying their cat had been killed crossing Elm, in essence defending Karen’s poster. And, finally, other neighbors called the number on the poster to weigh in as well.

“You try to be helpful and that’s all you can do,” Karen said. “It’s interesting how people reacted. People react in different ways.”

She thinks the owners of the black and white cat have moved away.

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