Sunday, July 21, 2024

Winners of the “Celebrate CRLS!” logo contest, with their designs, are second-place winner Melinda Maxwell, third-place winner Jessica Orellana and first-place Desmun Velez. Behind them is Rindge School of Technical Arts commercial design teacher Michele Watson Maxwell.

The winners are in for the “Celebrate CRLS” logo contest at Cambridge Rindge & Latin School, with the first-place logo — by Desmun Velez, of a Rindge School of Technical Arts commercial design class taught by Michele Watson Maxwell — becoming the official insignia of celebration for the school’s renovation in September.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony at that time will mark the completion of the CRLS campus, including the renovated War Memorial building and Cambridge Public Library.

Rindge students Melinda Maxwell and Jessica Orellana took second and third place, respectively. Winners got cash awards and recognition that their designs will be used citywide as part of the celebration.

Desmun Velez’ winning logo.

Celebrate CRLS is an initiative designed to involve and support of all of the constituencies — parents, students, staff, alumni, local institutions and the general community —associated with the high school in an extended celebration of the school and its achievements, said people involved with the effort.

The Celebrate CRLS Committee, which has more than 50 members on either the steering, operational or advisory committees within the larger group, says Cambridge is in a unique position — at a time many communities are forced to reduce educational support and funding and when public education is under close scrutiny — to demonstrate its commitment to a diverse, dynamic and high performing pubic high school.

The yearlong event planned to celebrate the school intends to support and enhance the perception of CRLS by alumni, parents, local institutions and the community. The committee believes this experience can alter these groups’ long-term relationship with the school and continues to welcome volunteers.

A calendar of events and list of committee members can be found at the group’s website.

Other than the website, the committee can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling Ruby Pierce Donohue at (617) 492-4712.