Saturday, May 25, 2024

Susan Redlich and Rachel Wyon, volunteers with Cambridge Climate Change Week, take advantage of the sun’s power to dry laundry and announce the week of green events at the same time.

As part of Cambridge’s GoGreen Month, climate change activists are hosting a week-plus of educational and festive happenings throughout the city running Friday through May 21.

A list of events is here.

Climate Week, initiated by planners and supporters from the 2009 Cambridge Climate Congress and inspired by a similar week Brookline held in January, starts with kickoff events featuring the film “The Water Front” and related discussion and a keynote address by Heather Rogers, author of “Green Gone Wrong: How Our Economy is Undermining the Green Revolution,” at First Parish Church in Harvard Square, said Liz Rassweiler, an organizer.

A lively ActionFest, drawing upon individual commitments from participants, will conclude the week. In between are planned events including an energy-based “vampire load” hunt, panel discussions on climate change issues, feeding commuter bikers, weatherizing buildings, home retrofitting, a watershed adaptation walk and a concert with minister and climate spokesman Fred Small.

A major theme of the week — meant to “highlight efforts to cut carbon emissions and improve and simplify lifestyles to green our world and surroundings,” in Rassweiler’s words — is “Cut the carbon diet.”

Community, church and environmental organizations have joined together to produce events, Rassweiler said. Citizens are asked to help expand the list, and Rassweiler said everyone is asked to share actions and inspire by example.

All are welcome at the events. For information, call (617) 415-1884 or send e-mail to [email protected].