Saturday, May 18, 2024

The owner of Emma’s Pizza calling a customer a “dumbass” for ordering off the menu and then not paying — and saying the place was being “twitter bullied” when people reacted badly to the comment —has provoked a minor public relations firestorm, going to Universal Hub and from there to the Consumerist website. Now the “twitter fail” is a textbook example of social media policy to be dissected, with experts weighing in and retweeting links left and right (concepts with no actual meaning online).

An apology for the bullying comment followed further outrage, with the Emma’s feed saying the tweeter “did not intend to make light of bullying. promise. sorry to anyone offended on that note.”

This is the problem with being a little too used to Cambridge and falling too far on the side of First Amendment rights, I guess. I just started following Emma’s tweets Sunday night as this exchange was live on the feed, read it all — yet didn’t bother writing about it because I didn’t see anything worth writing about.

This is why I’m not earning the big bucks somewhere, I guess.