Thursday, May 23, 2024

Marc McGovern appears in a YouTube campaign ad for re-election to the Cambridge School Committee.

Marc McGovern has posted a YouTube video in support of his run for re-election to the School Committee, complimenting the other “11 extraordinary candidates” but noting what he feels sets him apart: “I have what I like to call the triple crown of experience — the personal, professional and political experience,” he says in the video, describing his experience with Cambridge schools as a student and parent, in 25 years volunteering in education, peer mediation and youth sports, and in his work life, “as the only currently serving School Committee member who works in a school.”

After a rundown of his qualifications, he vows to ensure the Innovation Agenda takes place and makes the requisite bid to be people’s No. 1 vote. It’s his second large step as a candidate, following an Aug. 30 appearance on Jimmy Tingle’s Meet the Candidate Town Hall Series, live events the comedian hosts at the Tommy Doyle’s Pub in Harvard Square. (Larry Ward, a City Council candidate, appeared at the first one, June 28.)

It’s a static, low-tech video — just a little more than four minutes of the candidate giving his spiel to the camera — that continues something of a tradition of School Committee campaigns being a little less slick than those for City Council. (For another example, see this video of two girls singing the “Nancy Tauber Song,” with lyrics that trip off the tongue such as “Vote for Nancy Tauber as your No. 1 vote/’Cause when Nancy’s around you know there’s hope!”) Robert Winters’ Cambridge Civic Journal, which tracks candidate fundraising and expenditures, shows spending by School Committee candidates in 2009-10 ranged from $6,226 for Joseph Grassi to $18,304 for Alice Turkel.

McGovern spent the second most in those years: $17,114.

For city councillors, meanwhile, spending ranged from $2,791 for Tom Stohlman all the way up to $101,716 for Marjorie Decker, although that included a brief run at a state Senate seat.

Here’s Winters’ calendar of candidate forums and events, showing that the Cambridge Ward 6 Democratic Committee still showing a tentative-and-TBA event penciled in for Tuesday, overlapping with a scheduled committee retreat for incumbents. Its Aug. 31 forum for council candidates was a surprise to some too.

His campaign website is here. His profile on the Cambridge Civic Journal is here.