Pat Buchanan’s sad, racist book “Suicide of a Superpower” got a we-read-it-so-you-don’t-have-to post on Talking Points Memo today, in which reporter/blogger Jillian Rayfield plucks out a dozen of the old white author’s biggest howlers.

While they’re all pretty bad, this one stood out for me, especially given the context of an earlier chapter in which Buchanan says simply that “Mexico is moving north”:

Americans who seek stricter immigration control have been charged with many social sins: racism, xenophobia, nativism. Yet none has sought to expel any fellow American based on color or creed. We have only sought to preserve the country we grew up in. Do not people everywhere do that, without being reviled? What motivates people who insist that America’s doors be held open wide until the European majority has disappeared?

What is their grudge against the old America that eats at their heart?

A lot of people will probably spot immediately what’s so weird about this — that Buchanan is defending dominance of America by people he outright identifies as “European,” while he seems to have a problem with people from America (that is, adapting Buchanan’s nomenclature, Americans) being on the land Europeans arrived at and claimed much later.

If there is a grudge at work, and I reject the idea there is anything more than simple demographics and inevitability seen here, it would be because Europeans came to where there were already people and beat them back, enslaved them or wiped them out via plague blankets, outright warfare, Trails of Tears and whatnot. There’s no grudge against Old America; if anything, he might be sensing a grudge against those who declared Old America to be the “New World.”

But by all means, Pat, please fight on with the winning slogan “America for Europeans”!