Saturday, April 20, 2024

City councillor Leland Cheung has the endorsement of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts and Greater Boston Young Democrats, Elaine Almquist, chairwoman of the state organization, said late Thursday.

Cheung has a strong track record of taking on tough issues, has been a vocal proponent of housing and education and has made improving relationships between the city and its university community a priority, Almquist said. He is also a member of the Young Democrats.

“All of the incumbents face a large field of challengers, but Cheung has to buck the city’s tradition of not re-electing the lowest vote getter from the previous election,” she said.

The group is also helping re-elect Sam Seidel and Denise Simmons — Seidel for his commitment to protecting the environment and programs for young people and Simmons for launching the Mayor’s Girls Leadership Program while mayor in 2007-09 and generally focusing on education and youth programs throughout her career in public service.

Also endorsed: council candidate Matt Nelson.

“These candidates represent the new face of politics in Cambridge,” Almquist said (a little curiously, since Seidel was elected in 2007 and Simmons is in her fifth term). “All four candidates have strong records of reaching out into the community, talking with previously marginalized constituent groups and making changes that help move Cambridge in a better direction.”

Municipal elections are Tuesday in Cambridge and 52 other Massachusetts communities. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Significant portions of this post were taken from a press release.