Sunday, May 26, 2024

Matt D. holds up his Magners Comedy Festival trophy, won this past weekend in Boston.

Cambridge comedian Matt D. has to update his bio: He won the Magners Comedy Festival last weekend.

The festival ran Wednesday through Sunday at five venues throughout Boston, bringing to town names such as Colin Quinn and Marc Maron (for a public recording of his “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast) and making some new ones — namely that of Matt D., who is soon off to Glasgow, Scotland, courtesy of the hard cider company to compete in the Glasgow International Comedy Festival starting March 15.

Onstage, Matt D. typically presents himself as mopey and nearly withdrawn, approaching the microphone with a sullen hesitancy that makes his acerbic one-liners land with deadly impact, then retreating to resign himself to part with another. His jokes often give a twist to a common phrase or situation: “Personally, I prefer gummy Pepsi bottles” was a recent offering. Or: “One of my plants just died after a long battle with me being lazy.”

The comedian (who accepted his trophy in a T-shirt with a flying pig design) spent several tweets thanking people who congratulated him and being generally modest (sample boast: “Thanks to Magners USA for throwing a great festival! Amazing experience. Also Nick’s Comedy Stop and Mottley’s Comedy for hosting the shows!”) prompting fellow comedian Ted Pettingell to tell him, “You already won, you can stop being nice.”

While Matt D. is a mainstay at local clubs such as the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square, his next show is Thursday at Foxwoods in Connecticut, the start of a three-night stand at its Comix Club. On Feb. 8, he’s back at ImprovBoston in Central Square.

Raj Sivaraman, another Cambridge comedian, offered his congratulations for the Magners win in the form of a suggestion.

“Hopefully he will use the prize money to buy a new shirt,” Sivaraman tweeted.