Monday, May 27, 2024

An Oct. 4 document from the city’s Law Department shows details of a settlement of lawsuits alleging discrimination by city officials. (Source: Cambridge Law Department)

The city paid a combined $3.9 million to settle race discrimination and retaliation claims filed by former employees Linda Stamper and Mary Wong, according to documents released today by the city’s Law Department. The city sought to avoid releasing the information when asked by The Cambridge Chronicle but was compelled by a state-level decision.

The settlement passed on $1.1 million within 10 days of the Oct. 4 signing of the settlement and another $2.8 million in January. The pretax money went through the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Burns & Levinson.

The terms of the settlement mean the city denies wrongdoing and that neither the city nor the former employees “shall assert that, by dint of settlement, they have ‘won’ the case, and neither shall claim victory or vindication” and that the employees cannot “libel” the city, although they can express opinions about “their own experiences or motivation relating to the … litigation or this agreement.”