Sunday, May 26, 2024

020813fi-Carl-SciortinoFrom the Carl Sciortino campaign, June 26: State Rep. Carl Sciortino launched his campaign for Congress on Wednesday watched by nearly 70 supporters on the steps of the State House.

“This race is not going to be about who is the woman’s candidate or the gay candidate or the law and order candidate,” said Sciortino, who is running to replace U.S. Sen.-Elect Ed Markey in the 5th Congressional District. “It’s going to be about who is the progressive Democratic leader who has always been there and always will be there to fight for progressive values.”

Sciortino continued, “As Gov. Patrick said last year, we need Democrats with backbone. From my very first campaign, through my legislative accomplishments, I have maintained the view that the toughest challenges have to be met head on. I’m the only candidate for Congress in this race who enthusiastically supported Gov. Patrick’s effort to make generational investments in transportation and education, to create jobs and move our economy forward.”

Sciortino also contrasted himself with the other candidates in the race.

“I’m the only candidate who has stood up for workers rights, veterans rights, immigrants rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, LGBT rights and privacy rights every day I’ve served in this state legislature.  No other candidate in this race can say that.”

Sciortino, who coincidentally launched his campaign on the same day as the Supreme Court handed down decisions on the Defense of Marriage Act, also addressed the rulings.

“When I first ran for state representative in 2004, I couldn’t have imagined how much progress we would make on marriage equality in nine short years. We are headed to the day to all couples have the right to marry whoever they love in any state in the country. But we are not there yet. Today is a great step forward for the thousands of couples living in states with marriage equality, and I’m so proud of Massachusetts for being a leader for equal rights. We must keep working until there is true marriage equality in every state.”

Sciortino represents the 34th Middlesex District in the Massachusetts House, which includes parts of Medford and Somerville. He is the author of the Buffer Zone Bill and The Transgender Equal Rights bill and fought to close corporate tax loopholes in Massachusetts. A Tufts alumnus, he lives in Medford with his partner, Pem.