Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Massachusetts Sierra Club endorses net zero building and zoning. The Net Zero Zoning Petition sponsored by the members of Green Cambridge’s Committee for Net Zero Buildings is the beginning of a critical dialogue about how Cambridge should manage the effect of the City’s development on climate and to stop the proliferation and inefficient use of energy sources that produce greenhouse gases. Massachusetts has been a leader in clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency, and Cambridge is poised to be the leader in net zero zoning for the state.

This road not yet taken that the petition initiative starts us down can only lead to a better informed real estate industry and public. Another step that is overdue and should now be taken is to require all commercial buildings and multi-unit commercial residences to report in detail on their current energy use. This information will be a critical component of determining how to manage our energy needs to meet these future challenges.

Edward Woll Jr., chairman of the Energy Committee at the Massachusetts Sierra Club