Monday, May 27, 2024

On Oct. 15, Democrats will select our nominee for Ed Markey’s Congressional seat. I began this campaign without any favorite, but have carefully watched four of their debates and would like to suggest the following:

  • All seven are good. I think we could be satisfied with any of them as our representative.
  • Their views tend to be progressive on most issues. Most of their votes are likely to be similar, regardless of who is elected.
  • All seven claim that their constituent services and other work for our district would be top-notch. Five of the seven are existing legislators, but I have no solid basis on which to compare how well any of them might do on this area of responsibility.

On national issues:

  • Karen Spilka, Peter Koutoujian and Katherine Clark give “generic” progressive answers to most questions.
  • Will Brownsberger and Paul John Maisano are more conservative than the others on some issues.
  • Karen Spilka is the loudest, to the extent of seeming jarring, and emphasizes the word “I” far too frequently. On the other hand, her legislative accomplishments are significant.
  • Koutoujian convinced me that he’s been a very good sheriff – and should remain so; he even looks the part.
  • Martin Long has several intriguing suggestions for legislation and for overcoming gridlock, but badmouths the other candidates to his own disadvantage.
  • Maisano focuses on his non-politician background, but conveys the impression that he would not be effective in dealing with other Congressmen.
  • Carl Sciortino articulates progressive values best. Reminiscent of Ted Kennedy and Elizabeth Warren, he alone seems to begin each answer with a broad perspective, and then is able to explain clearly how his position on the issue fits into that worldview.

Of all the candidates, I believe that Carl would be most likely to become a leader in Congress, a person whose ideas draw other congresspersons to follow him. He alone seems to have the capability not only to support our district, but also to become a national progressive leader. For this reason, please join me in voting for Carl Sciortino on Oct. 15.

Donald Chauls, Sudbury