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Kristen von Hoffmann, 28, is a New Jersey native who moved to Cambridge fresh off earning a bachelor’s degree in English at Yale. She taught fifth grade for three years in the area and founded a 501(c)3 nonprofit called Greenfox Schools to teach environmental science and math curriculums in Cambridge Public Schools. She was hired in 2010 to be the first sustainability manager for the district, implementing a Cambridge Green Schools Initiative that is estimated to have saved the school district $300,000 in less than two years through energy-efficiency projects.

While continuing as sustainability manager, she has served on the board of directors for the Boston-based nonprofit Extras for Creative Learning and on the national K-12 Steering Committee for the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development. She was U.S. ambassador to the Transformative Education Forum at the United Nations in Geneva in 2009.

She also has volunteered at the On the Rise Shelter, as an English as a Second Language tutor at the Boston Life nonprofit and for Fresh Pond Day and the Cambridge Energy Alliance.

She is pursuing a master’s degree in finance at the New England College of Business and Finance.

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Von Hoffmann’s top three priorities:

From the Cambridge Residents Alliance


A comprehensive sustainability plan that makes Cambridge a national leader for green job growth, clean energy, reduced traffic, affordable housing and innovative solutions to fighting climate change. Creating a master plan or a detailed, long-term plan for climate change mitigation, carbon reduction, open space preservation and sustainable transportation that takes into account the changing aspects of housing, traffic and severe weather are important factors that will continue to shape our long-term planning, and which I hope to outline and define in partnership with all of you, our city departments and fellow City Council members.


Early childhood education. There are still young children in Cambridge on waiting lists for state-subsidized slots in early childhood programs. As a former teacher, I believe every child deserves a full preschool education and want all children to have a chance at success by ensuring that we have funding for these programs, and by providing outreach to families who want to learn more about early childhood options for their families here in Cambridge.


Support, retain and expand local business. By working in collaboration with our local business associations, I want to keep rent affordable and create ways of directing customers and revenue streams to our small and start-up businesses, because they add to the vibrancy and character of Cambridge and strengthen our local economy.


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