Friday, July 19, 2024

People interested in being a member of the city’s “Getting to Net Zero” task force are asked to apply by Nov. 12 to help the city make all appointments by the end of the year, City Manager Richard C. Rossi said. The group will meet at least monthly starting December and deliver final recommendations by December 2014.

The task force that will advise Rossi on “ways to advance the goal of putting Cambridge on the trajectory toward becoming a net zero community,” with focus on carbon emissions from building operations. This includes reducing energy use intensity of buildings and taking advantage of opportunities to harvest energy from renewable resources.

According to a press release from Rossi’s office the task force is to work collaboratively to examine strategies and develop recommendations to: reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment; improve energy efficiency and conservation in existing and new buildings; support renewable energy generation both on- and offsite; find best practices to engage and educate users and influence occupant behavior.

The city seeks people with a high degree of experience and expertise in these topics and a demonstrated ability to work effectively on a team with diverse opinions to craft consensus solutions. The intention is to create a task force that includes subject matter experts in topics such as building design, construction and operation, development economics, energy efficiency and renewable energy technology and policy, including the concept of renewable energy certificates, as well as community advocates/residents, business/property owners/developer representatives and representatives of local universities/the Cambridge Climate Compact.

The task force will work collaboratively to develop actionable recommendations that are comprehensive, practical and implementable and at the same time bold in their vision; these may include changes to city ordinances, zoning, policies and other directives. The work of the task force should continue to advance Cambridge’s role as a regional and national leader in addressing environmental issues.

The letters wanted by Nov. 12 should describe a potential member’s interest in the study and any experience working on similar issues. It should be sent to Richard C. Rossi, city manager, at City of Cambridge , 795 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139, or e-mailed to [email protected]. It can also be faxed to (617) 349-4307.