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Somerville photographer Irina Medvedev at work – not in Somerville. (Photo: IM Creative Photography)

Somerville photographer Irina Medvedev at work – not in Somerville. (Photo: IM Creative Photography)

There are all the photos of weddings, showers, families, babies and kids you’d want to see on the website of Somerville photographer Irina Medvedev. To see her wild side, ideally you should venture to the wilds of Belmont. (And check out her nature photography website.)

The Landau Gallery of the Belmont Hill School has a showing of her “Wildlife and Nature Photography Around the World” exhibit through March 7, including vibrant images of orangutans swinging on branches, snacking giraffes and roving crowds of elephants – some of which may be familiar to visitors to Cambridge’s annual open studios. Medvedev’s IM Creative Photography has displayed works at the Porter Square Mall and April 26-27 will be at the Ice Cream Factory Lofts at 93 Harvey St. in North Cambridge.

“I am incredibly lucky to be able to combine my love of travel, wildlife and nature and my curiosity about various cultures with my passion for photography,” Medvedev said, noting that orangutans are a recent addition to her work captured during a multiple-day jungle trek on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. “Northern Sumatra is the last place in the world to see orangutans in their natural habitat,” she said, adding:

Another section of the exhibit showcases sunsets around the world, from Estonia to Brazil to Dubai. Finally, the last sections is entitled ‘Sea and Mountains’ and includes my new venture into underwater photography with photos of sharks, turtles, and other fish, as well as beautiful mountain vistas in the United States.

The private Belmont Hill School and its nonprofit gallery are at 350 Prospect St., Belmont, about 15 minutes from Cambridge by car or on the 62, 76 and 84 bus lines. Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Call (617) 484-4410 for information.

This post was updated Feb. 25, 2014, to note that the closing date of the exhibition was changed by the gallery.