Wednesday, May 22, 2024

082714i-Barry-FinegoldAs someone who has served as deputy treasurer for the Town of Arlington for more than 30 years and as treasurer for SEIU 888, I understand the importance of the position of the Commonwealth’s state treasurer and want to support someone who can do the job exceptionally well.

This is why I will be supporting Sen. Barry Finegold for state treasurer Sept. 9. We need a treasurer who has experience collaborating with our state’s very diverse populations and local leaders.

Finegold has represented a range of cities and towns that includes suburban Andover and urban Lawrence, whose populations represent the same constituents we have in Cambridge. He has been able to address successfully and responsively each area’s needs and collaborate with local leaders to come up with solutions, ranging from affordable housing to quality roads and public works projects. His ability to understand and serve such diverse communities gives him the background and knowledge to be just as successful statewide.

I know Finegold will serve with distinction as state treasurer and will serve all of us in fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities of the position and care about our issues. I will be voting for Sen. Barry Finegold for state treasurer Sept. 9 and I hope that you will too.

Fred Fantini, vice chairman of the Cambridge School Committee