Sunday, July 14, 2024

From Paula Caruso, Oct. 24, 2017: After living in Cambridge for 24 years, we were one of the families who lost everything in the Berkshire Street fire last December. Not only did we lose our belongings, but we lost our sense of safety and the community we loved.

When I went to City Hall to register with the Red Cross, I was feeling scared and hopeless. Then I met vice mayor Marc McGovern. In the middle of all the chaos, Marc saw that I was very upset. He pulled me aside and sat with me for more than an hour, listening to my story and holding my hand. From that moment on, Marc made himself available to me and my three children. He took my calls in the middle of the night. He met with me every day. He went with me to look at apartments because I needed the support. He did everything he could to make this traumatic situation easier.

I barely knew Marc before this incident; I’m not even sure I voted for him in past elections. But this year, on Nov. 7, Marc will be getting my No. 1 vote, because he is truly dedicated to the people of Cambridge. He goes above and beyond. Many people think Marc is “safe” and will be easily reelected, but let’s make sure: If you care about the vulnerable people of Cambridge, Marc is your candidate.