Friday, April 19, 2024

What a victory for an affordable, diverse and green Cambridge! Housing concerns and tenant protections won big last night. At the A Better Cambridge Action Fund, we are delighted that six of our nine endorsed candidates will join the City Council, based on preliminary results.

Our candidates supported a platform with the goal of seeing Cambridge make equity and inclusion a priority, and act as a climate leader. Our candidates believe in more density in areas well-served by public transit, in increasing spending on affordable housing, in strengthening tenant protections and in making it easier to build affordable housing throughout the city.

Cambridge should be delighted that Mayor Marc McGovern, former two-time mayor E. Denise Simmons, councillors Alanna Mallon, Sumbul Siddiqui (the top vote getter!) and Tim Toomey, as well as challenger Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler have won seats on the council. In addition, Burhan Azeem, Adriane Musgrave and Risa Mednick were exceptional candidates. They ran dynamic, meaningful campaigns that make us proud to have supported them.

We are excited about the next City Council term, and eager to work productively with all the elected councillors for a Cambridge that is truly welcoming, and that does everything in its power to be a regional, national and global leader on reducing climate change.

The A Better Cambridge Action Fund leadership