Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Patricia Ann Dumont, 80, of Cambridge, passed away March 14, 2022. Born Jan. 23, 1942, in Island Falls, Maine, to Wilbert Dumont and Goldie (Dumont) Davis, Pat spent the better part of her adult life living in Cambridge.

She held several secretarial jobs throughout her career, the most rewarding being as an executive secretary at Sun Life Insurance. Pat had a beautiful voice and enjoyed singing especially in the church choir; she wrote poetry as well. She loved animals and cared for the cats and dogs of families when they were away. She also loved to feed the geese at the park. More than anything, Pat loved her family and was especially close to her younger sister, Donna, with whom she shared a close bond. Pat was a special person, and one of the most special things about her was that she truly believed in the potential of others. She believed you could do anything, go anywhere and be anybody. She had a way of boosting your confidence, insisting you were the most beautiful, handsome and wonderful person ever. She too was beautiful, with a good sense of humor, cheerful smile and a delightful presence.

Pat is survived by her siblings: Kenneth, Rosanne (Keith), Donna (Rafiq) and sister-in-law Constance; by cousins Melina and Catherine; and many nieces and nephews: Kenneth (Judy), Donna (Craig), Dianne (Robert), Douglas (Ramona), Doris, Linda (David), Robert (MeiLani), Catherine (Kevin), Melissa and Alyson (Scott); and her grandchildren, Abbey (Deepak) and Jacob; and many great nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her parents, special aunt Viola, siblings Marjorie (Carl), Robert and sister-in-law Barbara.