Monday, June 24, 2024

A printout of the first cover of The Week. (Photo: Marc Levy)

There’s something new out there for you – well, new-ish, anyway.

Some of the news, features and letters that get posted to Cambridge Day can be found Fridays in a newspaper called The Week. It can be a good way to catch up on stories you missed online and a better way to appreciate the cultural offerings Cambridge and Somerville have to offer: While Cambridge Day has so far posted them by hour and day, The Week puts them in the context of a map. It’s a good way to realize what’s out there for you.

Some people simply enjoy newspapers over websites, and for them The Week can be an option in addition to the website and newsletter (now also sent on Fridays) to see what’s happening in town.

The Week is certain to evolve. It may soon have features and content that aren’t online, just as Cambridge Day has perks that can’t be replicated in print – watchable trailers in movie reviews and Tom Meek’s Film Ahead column, for instance.

The paper may struggle a bit with consistency of content, too, with the new demands of adding print atop getting more news posted online for Cambridge and Somerville. But another reason to be in print is that because a lot of people enjoy it, local businesses like it too, and like to advertise in print. Will Cambridge and Somerville? We’ll see. But if they do, it’ll be a good way to take the funds recently donated in a crowdfunding campaign and multiply them, turning Cambridge Day into a self-sustaining business with a growing staff that can serve these cities for many years to come. (By the way: Page 6 is a thank-you to everyone who donated to the fundraising campaign.)

In the meantime, as a small front-page item in The Week argues, this is a community news organization – why not be part of the community that puts it out, in addition to being part of the community that consumes it? Come cover a beat in Cambridge or Somerville. Come take photo assignments, or give them. Come edit breaking news or event listings. Come sell ads on commission. Come be a publisher.

The opportunities are wide open here for people with skills, time, energy and an interest in seeing Cambridge Day (and, at least for now, The Week) thrive.

To join in, call (617) 230-9632 or send email to [email protected].

And look for The Week at coffee shops, restaurants, theaters, ice cream parlors, retailers, libraries and city halls. If you’re a manager or overseer of one of these businesses or community gathering places and want The Week, call EDS Distribution at (781) 801-9457 and let them know.