Sunday, June 16, 2024

The horchata from Anna’s Taqueria is now a monthly ice cream flavor at J.P. Licks. (Photo: J.P. Licks)

The ice cream flavor collaboration at J.P. Licks shops for September is horchata, created with another local chain, Anna’s Taqueria, from its popular Mexican-inspired beverage. (There are various styles of horchata around the world – the Anna’s version relies on rice, cinnamon and sweetened milk.)

The result is a slightly nutty taste and a hint of spice from the cinnamon.

“Horchata ice cream is a perfect balance of creamy rice milk flavored with our own blend of spices inspired by Anna’s horchata recipe,” J.P. Licks founder and owner Vincent Petryk said Friday, in the latest in a series of emails used to tease new products. “We think this new ice cream creation will become a favorite.”

The last ice cream collaboration we tried was July’s Coconut Cake, made with the bar and restaurant Grill 23. It had hunks of yellow cake loosely blended with coconut custard ice cream and sweet toasted coconut strings, and did not go over well with food writer Rónán Fitzgerald. “Tread lightly if you are a smooth-ice-cream kind of person,” he wrote.

Horchata is time-tested – not just as a drink at Anna’s and other Mexican eateries, including the Maya Sol Mexican Grill in East Somerville, but as an ice cream: There was a vegan Horchata Crunch choco taco as part of an October collaboration between Honeycomb Creamery in Cambridge and Taza Chocolate in Somerville.

The horchata ice cream arrived in all 17 J.P. Licks locations Friday and will stay through September.