Monday, June 24, 2024

Cambridge Day has always tried to take contributed letters and essays for as long as possible during elections, and post as many as possible. While that hasn’t changed in 2023, circumstances have: There are more kinds of coverage being attempted at Cambridge Day and more time going into the print format, The Week. That Friday print edition not only needs production time, but introduces a different way to think about deadlines. (That’s true though most election- and politically themed letters have been posted online only, and not reprinted in the print edition.)

For this election cycle, the limit on letters has been reached. Let this be the declaration that as of now, it’s reasonably too late to be submitting, and any letter or essay submitted in this final weekend is less likely to be posted. All that were sent in ahead of this notice will be posted, but the flurry of letters should wane and make more time and room for other work.

There‘s no reason to stop sending letters and essays that are not themed around municipal elections, of course, but they may be posted only after Tuesday and when Election Day is in the past.